Latitudes at Silverlake – Building Address Numbering by Stanco Signage

Latitudes ay Silverlake building signage in Los Angeles
Tyler Curtis
Written by Tyler Curtis

Step into the world of Latitudes apartments, a dazzling new development in the heart of Los Angeles. When the contractors sought to elevate the building’s address and apartment identification numbers, we saw an opportunity to infuse a touch of modern luxury into this typically overlooked aspect of the project.


With units commanding prices upwards of a million dollars, we knew that every detail had to exude sophistication and elegance. That’s why we didn’t settle for ordinary. Instead, we opted for a bold and sleek approach that would set Latitudes apart from its neighbors.

HIgh-end residential building signage in Los Angeles

Using the iconic Futura font, we captured the essence of the designer’s vision. But we didn’t stop there. By incorporating a vertical brush stroke, we introduced a striking element that demanded attention. The result? A set of address numbers that serve as the crowning jewel on this magnificent modern build.

And rest assured, our attention to detail extends beyond aesthetics. While these numbers may be visually stunning, they also adhere to all fire code requirements, ensuring both beauty and safety.

Join us in celebrating the marriage of form and function at Latitudes apartments. Let’s turn ordinary signage into extraordinary statement pieces that leave a lasting impression.

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Tyler Curtis

Tyler Curtis

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