Over the span of four months, our team at Stanco Signage Systems launched an extensive and ongoing project that would transform the wayfinding and aesthetic landscape of Brookhollow Business Park in Santa Ana, California. Spanning approximately three blocks, this mixed-use complex required a dynamic approach to signage that reflected its vibrant business community, comprised of retail shops and small businesses. This project wasn’t just about replacing old signs but about enhancing the daily experience of those who worked at and visited the park.

Crafting the New Signage

The project’s scope involved a complete overhaul, which required the removal of around 30 outdated signs. These signs were visually unappealing and no longer effectively served their functional purpose. In their place, we introduced a cohesive mix of small signage on posts and strategically placed lighted monument signs designed from scratch to embody utility and contemporary design.

Brookhollow Business Park was recently revitalized with new signs.

Purpose of the Stanco Signage Program

The primary purpose of our signage program was to create a signage system that effectively guides visitors and clients to various companies and areas on the property. This wayfinding system was meticulously designed to ensure that both retail customers and business clients could navigate the complex with ease, enhancing the space’s functionality and supporting the park’s commercial activities.

Aluminum was used to renovate this backlit sign for Brookhollow Business Park in California.

We chose aluminum for the new signs, favored for its durability and sleek appearance. To protect against the elements and ensure longevity, each sign was coated with Matthews 400 paint—a reliable choice known for its endurance. The design featured two-sided monument-style signs strategically illuminated with LED lighting to ensure they were as functional at night as during the day.

Overcoming Challenges

Every project has its hurdles, and this was no exception. The removal of the old signs required careful timing and coordination. We had to ensure that our operations didn’t disrupt the daily activities of the businesses within the park. Handling this during off-peak hours, we managed to minimize our impact on the park’s workflow.

Securing permits for such an extensive project involved meticulous planning and communication with the Santa Ana Building Department. Our familiarity with local regulations and proactive approach allowed us to navigate this smoothly, ensuring that every new installation was fully compliant and appropriately documented.

Raised lettering for an illuminated sign in Brookhollow Business Park.

Installation Insights

Installing the new signs was a delicate task. Each sign had to be visually appealing and placed to maximize its effectiveness for navigation. We chose ground-mounted, monument-style signs to maintain uniformity across the park, seamlessly integrating each new piece into the existing landscape and architecture.

The addition of LED lighting was crucial. It wasn’t just about visibility but safety and creating a welcoming atmosphere during all hours. This feature was especially appreciated by the park’s tenants, who noted a significant improvement in accessibility and security after dark.

Reflecting on the Project’s Impact

Signs like this help visitors find their way through Brookhollow Business Park.

The feedback from the Brookhollow Business Park Association was incredibly affirming. The new signage system didn’t just meet their expectations—it enhanced the collective experience of those who interacted with the space. Visitors found the park easier to navigate, and the businesses appreciated the upgraded aesthetic that aligned more closely with their professional image.

This ongoing project is a testament to the potential impact of thoughtful signage on a community’s daily operations and overall atmosphere. At Stanco, every sign we design and install is more than just a project; it’s an opportunity to improve environments and experiences. The Brookhollow Business Park project affirmed our commitment to excellence and functionality embodied in every sign we create.

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