Stanco Signage was enlisted to facilitate the relocation of ITT’s corporate headquarters, marking a significant transition from their longstanding location to a newly refurbished and modern building. With over two decades of occupancy in its previous space, ITT sought to seamlessly integrate its corporate identity into the new environment while achieving a fresh and contemporary aesthetic.

Office numbering and company messaging signage.

Our team embarked on the project with a commitment to delivering comprehensive signage solutions that not only reflected ITT’s brand image but also met their practical needs for the next two decades and beyond. From the outset, we collaborated closely with ITT to understand their vision, brand guidelines, and functional requirements for the new space.

Strategic Signage Solutions for Every Space:

  • ADA Room IDs: Ensuring compliance with accessibility standards, we meticulously crafted ADA-compliant room identification signs that seamlessly integrated ITT’s corporate colors and branding elements. These signs not only served a functional purpose but also contributed to the cohesive and professional ambiance of the headquarters.

  • Cubicle Office Signs: With a focus on optimizing efficiency and organization within the office layout, we provided custom cubicle office signs that facilitated easy navigation for employees and visitors alike. These signs were designed to complement the modern aesthetic of the workspace while enhancing the overall branding presence of ITT.

  • Fire Evacuation: Safety is paramount in any workplace environment. To ensure compliance with fire safety regulations, we supplied fire evacuation signage that communicated emergency procedures and evacuation routes. These signs were strategically placed throughout the building to ensure maximum visibility and effectiveness in the event of an emergency.

  • Digital Printed Regulatory Signs: Leveraging state-of-the-art digital printing technology, we produced high-quality regulatory signs that conveyed important information and instructions in a clear and visually engaging manner. From safety protocols to regulatory compliance notices, these signs played a crucial role in promoting a safe and compliant workplace environment.

  • Wayfinding: Navigating a new and unfamiliar space can be daunting. Our wayfinding signage solutions were designed to guide employees, visitors, and clients effortlessly throughout the headquarters, minimizing confusion and enhancing the overall user experience. Clear directional signage and intuitive mapping systems ensured seamless navigation from entry points to key destinations within the building.

  • Decor Glass: To add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the interior spaces, we provided custom decor glass solutions that featured subtle branding elements and corporate colors. These decorative glass panels served as focal points within the headquarters, enhancing the visual appeal of the environment while reinforcing ITT’s brand identity.

Future-Proofing ITT’s Brand Presence:

As ITT continues to expand and grow its brand presence in future locations, Stanco Signage remains committed to supporting its signage needs every step of the way. Our partnership with ITT extends beyond the initial relocation project, as we stand ready to provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure their signage solutions evolve seamlessly with their brand.

Color coordinated office signage by Stanco Signage.
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Elevate Your Brand with Stanco Signage

At Stanco Signage, we specialize in delivering comprehensive signage solutions that elevate brand presence, enhance functionality, and promote safety and compliance in corporate environments. From ADA-compliant room IDs to digitally printed regulatory signs, our expert team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that exceed our client’s expectations.

Partner with Stanco Signage today and experience the difference our strategic signage solutions can make in transforming your corporate headquarters into a dynamic and visually compelling space that reflects your brand identity and values. Contact us now to learn more about our services and how we can help elevate your brand through signage excellence.

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Tyler Curtis

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