Stanco Signage Can Help You Meet All of Your ADA Signage Requirements

Curious about ADA signs? ADA, short for the Americans with Disabilities Act, sets standards for accessibility. You’ve probably spotted ADA-compliant signs near doorways. They’re recognizable by their raised lettering (1/32″) and Grade 2 braille underneath.

ADA signage includes braille..

At Stanco Signage inclusive design is at its best. Our ADA signage ensures accessibility for all, blending seamlessly into business and residential settings with clarity and style.

Federal and State codes have some differences—details like letter stroke, spacing, color contrast, and font style matter. At Stanco Signage, we’re here to help. We stay updated on trends, code changes, and regulations, ensuring your signage meets all requirements.

Accessibility meets elegance at Stanco Signage. Crafted for compliance and aesthetic appeal, our ADA signs enhance business and residential spaces and ensure everyone is welcome.

People with disabilities are able to utilize ADA signage for wayfinding.

Let our experts guide you in creating ADA-compliant signage that’s functional and visually appealing. Reach out to us today for a signage program that’s easy to understand and aesthetically pleasing.